Session Information and Pricing

Dean Birinyi, headshot Photographer, Mens headshots, professional portrait photography,

I shoot two sessions per day, morning and afternoon. This is to give us the time we need to relax and focus on promoting your personal brand, showing you as the approachable, confident and successful person that people want to be around. I understand that you’re busy, we won’t take any longer than we need, but I’m not going to rush you out the door because I have another session in ten minutes. You’re sure to get the attention you deserve and need to get the headshots you need.

Quality over quantity - it’s my policy, not my goal.

I work to get the best shots of you that I can, not shoot the most people in a day. Lighting, posing and composition are the easy parts. The most important part, the part that takes time is getting the right expression.

The first part of our session is the preparatory phone call. You’ll explain your goals and how you want to be presented. I’ll answer your questions and explain the process, offering suggestions about clothes, hair and makeup. I ask that you bring in seven to ten outfits that would be appropriate for your personal brand. Then we’ll pick the three or four that work best for you.

During your headshot session I coach you on expression, posture, pose and stance. The first part of your session is about teaching you how to be photographed well. We’ll stop several times to review our work, discuss what we’re doing right, what needs to be changed, and how well we’re representing your personal brand. I like to involve my customers in the process because encouraging my customers to be active participants makes the process fun, empowers them and gives them great confidence in their ability to be photographed well, and this confidence comes through in every headshot.

By the time we’re into the third, or fourth outfit we’re rockin’ it, talking in shorthand, working together as an experienced team, and consistently producing high quality results. We both know what to do to get the shots we want and the calm confidence that comes from that success shows in every photograph.

After we’re done shooting we’ll sit down together and review our work. You’ll pick your favorite shots to be professionally retouched. I’ll offer my suggestions and guidance, from a professional perspective if you want to hear another viewpoint. Once your images are ready I'll send high resolution JPEGs to you via WeTransfer. To save you time I include a second version of the same shots sized and cropped for social media platforms like LinkedIn.


In studio headshot session fee is a flat $350, which includes:

  • No Time Limit on Your Session

  • Unlimited Outfit Changes

  • Preparation Consultation Before Your Session - Styling & Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup, Other Suggestions.

  • One-on-One Post Session Consultation on Image Selection and Retouching.

  • The Comfortable, Relaxing and Dignified Experience You Deserve, in a Professional Environment.

After your session, we’ll take a break and then sit down together to go through the images we’ve created. You select the final images individually at the end of the session. This puts you in complete control of the final costs depending on how many images you want. Each final headshot is billed at $65 and includes professional finishing.

It’s all about you. There’s no reason to accept less than stellar results when it comes to your headshots.

I don’t believe you’ll find a more committed headshot photographer in the market. I want your headshots to be the best they can be, stylishly representing you as the enthusiastic, engaged and assertive individual people want to be around while making you look spectacular. Most of my business is based on referrals. I want you to walk out of my studio eager to tell your friends, customers and associates about the great experience you had, showing them the best photos you’ve ever had, hoping they’ll choose me to be their photographer as well.

You have high standards of professionalism and consistently produce high quality results. So should your photographer.

Group, Business and Corporate Headshot packages can be created on location, or in the Professional Headshots Palo Alto Studio.

Please contact me for details.