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I'm Dean Birinyi

I've spent my life dedicated to the art of creation and expression. Photography has been a fantastic medium for both. Early on I was incredibly impressed by the work of Peter Hurley, a portrait photographer who captures genuine expression and commands lighting in ways that are quite remarkable. Peter became my mentor and I've worked hard to understand and reflect personality in my work just like him. 

Some clients smile, others laugh and some have a focused look that is serious yet approachable. It is my job to learn each individual's personality traits and express them through photography. It has taken many years to hone these skills and I am still learning every day. I'm still incredibly humbled when my work makes the front cover of a magazine, or I receive a call from a well-known executive here in Silicon Valley. When I think about my journey to get to this stage, it's really an incredible story that starts 40 years ago on a ship. Continue.

This is My
Palo Alto Studio

Back in 2020, I moved my studio. I had a rather large space before but found it distracting. Clients would wander around, it was difficult to control the environment, and the intimate focus of my work was a bit lost. My new space is great, the climate and lighting are controlled, and my customers are in the room with me the whole time (Except when they change clothes.). I have upgraded much of my tech equipment in the last year, and the quality of my work has improved with it. READ MORE.

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Sarah Brohmer, Hair & Makeup Artist

I lead a team of creative professionals


I believe that no one should have to settle for bad headshots. You deserve to be treated well while being served by a team of talented professionals who are experts in their field.

I lead a team of talented and experienced professionals: Sarah, a licensed cosmetologist, is my in-house hair and makeup artist. Serhii is our remarkably gifted digital artist. Our combined talents and expertise are here to help you stand out from the crowd.

What You'll Experience

Client and photographer Dean using weights and posing during photo shoot in Palo Alto



We talk over the phone to "break the ice" while I learn where you are in your career, where you are going, and how I can help you get there.

I'll share tips about how to prepare for your shoot as well as what clothes and accessories to bring.



We work at your pace, not mine.

We begin with a training set. I'll teach you how to be photographed well and review your photos so you can see how good you look.  

Then you'' see how much fun it can be to be photographed by someone who cares as much as you about how good youlook

At the end of your session, we'll sit down, and you'll select your favorite photos. If you want my help, I'll share my professional opinion about the strength and messages any image conveys.

Dean Birinyi Headshot Photographer Coaching a Customer
Dean Birinyi and client selecting photos from portrait session


My digital artist finishes your photos, and in about a week, you'll have magazine-cover quality photos delivered to you via WeTransfer.

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Selina Kaing, Women's professional headshot, Fun

You're going to look good.




  • $400 - Session fee

    • Wardrobe and color consultation

    • Multiple Backdrops

    • Unlimited outfits

  • $150 per image purchased

    • Professional retouching included

  • $250 Make-up + Hair


We are happy to work with you in our Palo Alto studio or your location. Additional charges apply. Contact Dean to schedule your on-location session.

If you need company or team headshots, please contact our sister company Silicon Valley Headshots.

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