People make judgement calls about us within 100 milliseconds of first seeing our photo. A good headshot will make the most of that critical 1/10th second.

People make judgement calls about us within 100 milliseconds of first seeing our photo. A good headshot will make the most of that critical 1/10th second.

Are you the right photographer for me?

I create personal and corporate branding images that tell the world “I’m different.”, “Pay attention to me. I’m a leader, a disruptor, a motivated self starter, and a high achiever”.

All the people I’ve photographed since I opened my studio have fit this description. People who have high standards for themselves, who choose to make success a habit, people who have decided to excel at everything they do.

People like myself.

For decades I specialized in photographing interior design, spaces and places designed and built for people to live and work in, but my photographs never included people. The spaces I photographed were beautiful and devoid of the people for which they had been designed. My work presented a perceptual reality that did not include representations of humanity as anything other than an abstraction.

One day, while discussing photographing people in the early days of my career a woman asked if I didn’t like photographing people. My response was that I liked photographing them just fine, it was the jobs I held back then that I didn’t like. My response motivated me to evaluate my priorities, my values, and define a new, radically different direction for my work in the second half of my career.

Now after 32 years of consciously excluding people from my work I am embracing photographing people to the exclusion of all else by working in the headshot genre. In headshots, the person, the individual is the totality of the imagery. I use no props and create no narrative within, or context for the imagery. I even minimize clothing and jewelry. The people in my headshots exist in a perceptual, psychological space devoid of any hint of an external reality.

This is a profoundly intimate representation of a person, and I am inspired by that intimacy. When I create headshots I work to communicate my subject’s self image, their perception of themselves and how they want to be perceived.

This is a goal worthy of artistic exploration. This is a goal I can dedicate the next 32 years of my life working to achieve.

Barb Cadigan, Director of People

My resumé

Dean Birinyi

716 San Antonio Blvd. Ste.E
Palo Alto, CA 94303



2018 - Present: Foothill College,
Earning AS in Photography, projected graduation December 2019
1987 - GED

Work History:
2018 - Present: Self employed headshot photographer
Professional Headshots Palo Alto

1987 - Present: Self employed architecture and interior photographer:
Dean Birinyi Photography

1987 - 2019 Achieved notoriety by winning over 150 awards for photography of architecture and interior design from professional associations throughout United States including but not limited to: NARI, ASID, AIA, Gold Nugget, SMPS, and others.

Published multiple times in local regional and national publications such as Gentry, California Home and Design, Sacramento Magazine, Builder Architect, Redbook, and others.

2017 - Inclusion in group show “Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition”

2010 - Included in the permanent collection of the “Los Altos History Museum” in Duvenec Fireplace

2007 - Solo show at Lojart Gallery in Morgan Hill

2006 - included in the permanent collection of “Thee California Museum” in display Only in California

1983 - 1987: Self employed to-the-trade cabinet maker, family business Designcraft, Denver, CO.

1979 -1982: Plane Captain, United States Navy.
Performed daily inspection and maintenance on F-14 fighter aircraft
Ground station NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA
At sea worked on flight deck as night crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS America.
Honorably Discharged

Dean Birinyi Photography:

Professional Headshots Palo Alto