For decades I specialized in photographing interior design, spaces and places designed and built for people to live and work in, but my photographs never included people. The spaces I photographed were beautiful and devoid of the people for which they had been designed. My work presented a perceptual reality that did not include representations of humanity as anything other than an abstraction.

One day, while discussing photographing people in the early days of my career a woman asked if I didn’t like photographing people. My response was that I liked photographing them just fine, it was the jobs I held back then that I didn’t like. My response motivated me to evaluate my priorities, my values, and define a new, radically different direction for my work in the second half of my career.

Now after 32 years of consciously excluding people from my work I am embracing photographing people to the exclusion of all else by working in the headshot genre. In headshots, the person, the individual is the totality of the imagery. I use no props and create no narrative within, or context for the imagery. I even minimize clothing and jewelry. The people in my headshots exist in a perceptual, psychological space devoid of any hint of an external reality.

PhotoNicolo_161202_NIC4692_BW 2.jpgDean Birinyi, Headshot Photographer
Luxurious Master Bedroom in Beverly Hills, CA

This is a profoundly intimate representation of a person, and I am inspired by that intimacy. When I create headshots I work to communicate my subject’s self image, their perception of themselves and how they want to be perceived.

This is a goal worthy of artistic exploration. This is a goal I can dedicate the next 32 years of my life working to achieve.

My resumé

Dean Birinyi

716 San Antonio Blvd. Ste.E
Palo Alto, CA 94303



2018 - Present: Foothill College,
Earning AS in Photography, projected graduation December 2019
1987 - GED

Work History:
2018 - Present: Self employed headshot photographer
Professional Headshots Palo Alto

1987 - Present: Self employed architecture and interior photographer:
Dean Birinyi Photography

1987 - 2019 Achieved notoriety by winning over 150 awards for photography of architecture and interior design from professional associations throughout United States including but not limited to: NARI, ASID, AIA, Gold Nugget, SMPS, and others.

Published multiple times in local regional and national publications such as Gentry, California Home and Design, Sacramento Magazine, Builder Architect, Redbook, and others.

2017 - Inclusion in group show “Left Coast Annual Juried Exhibition”

2010 - Included in the permanent collection of the “Los Altos History Museum” in Duvenec Fireplace

2007 - Solo show at Lojart Gallery in Morgan Hill

2006 - included in the permanent collection of “Thee California Museum” in display Only in California

1983 - 1987: Self employed to-the-trade cabinet maker, family business Designcraft, Denver, CO.

1979 -1982: Plane Captain, United States Navy.
Performed daily inspection and maintenance on F-14 fighter aircraft
Ground station NAS Miramar, San Diego, CA
At sea worked on flight deck as night crew aboard the aircraft carrier USS America.
Honorably Discharged

Dean Birinyi Photography:

Professional Headshots Palo Alto