After my discharge from the US Navy in 1982 I chose a career as a cabinet maker and upholsterer. After a near miss with a table saw in 1986 I decided to find a new career that didn’t involve power tools. I stumbled into photography when I was hired to photograph babies in K-Mart department stores. I loved the work (who wouldn’t love spending the day playing with children?), but hated working in K-Mart.

For the next 32 years I specialized in photographing Interiors and Architecture. I won over 150 awards in my career. I loved the opportunity to work with highly skilled professionals that focused on the artistic aspects of creating spectacular environments to live and work in. I helped many creative people achieve their full potential. I still photograph interiors, but have chosen headshots as my new specialty, and my latest challenge. (I love a challenge.)

It’s interesting that I began my career photographing children and I loved doing it because it was more play than work, and now in the final half of my career I am photographing adults working to make them feel good about themselves so I can create spectacular headshots.

I know I’ve done my job right when they leave my studio either laughing or dancing. Sometimes both.

Dean Birinyi, professional headshot photographer owner of Professional Headshots Palo Alto