Behind the Scenes

Lights, Camera...Action

My Skipper in the Navy told me something once that changed my life.

He said, "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."


That's a great way to look at things and how I approach life.


Celebrities are coached on how to carry themselves, hold their head and address the camera because projecting the right image to the public is crucial to their success and the future of their career.


Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, and Scarlet Johansen always look great in their photos. The difference between their headshots and your headshots is that they’ve been taught how to be photographed well.

I teach everyone who steps in front of my camera how to be photographed: how to position yourself to address the camera with confidence, how to hold your head and communicate assertiveness and collegiality. This is a set of skills you can take with you and apply each time anyone points a camera in your direction. You’ll know how to make yourself look great and everyone else is going to look like a goof in comparison to you.

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