Who is it for?

I’m listening to an audio book by Seth Godin titled “This is marketing”. I like his ideas because they diverge from the conventional wisdom. He suggests that the path to success in today’s world is through making change happen, but only for the people with whom you can connect. The people I want to connect with are those who want to change from the old way of doing things to a new way, a better way.

Those who choose to stand out

As a professional headshot photographer the change I want to make happen is to help people stand out from the crowd, blaze their own trail, follow their dreams, and lead the life they choose. 

I help people stake their claim to the high ground, to confidently declare to the world that they aren’t just another member of the heard by creating branding images - headshots - that tell the world “I’m different”, “Pay attention to me. I’m a leader, a disruptor, a motivated self starter, and a high achiever”.

Barb Cadigan, HR Director

People like us

All the people I’ve photographed since I opened my studio have fit this description: VC’s, Founders, CEO’s, CSO’s, VP’s, HR Directors, PhD’s, Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals, etc.

These are the people my work is for: people who have made success a habit, people who work to excel at what they do. 

People like myself.

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