Job Seeking - Don't Waste Your Mojo

I just found this Forbes article about job seeking on LinkedIn. It offers great advice.

The part of standing out that resonates most with me is #7 being willing to walk away. This is crucial because if you’re not willing, or able to walk away from a negotiation you’re not negotiating. You’re begging.

"7. Your willingness to walk away
Standing out means standing in your power, something many job seekers struggle to do. Standing out will attract the right managers -- confident people themselves -- and turn away the ones who want to hire you to be a cog in their machine.

You can't afford to waste your time and precious mojo working for someone who wants to dim your flame.

Be ready to walk away from the wrong opportunity, early in the process or at the very end of the conversation. Always be ready to walk! Your desperation is an attractant to people who want to mistreat you -- and a repellent to leaders who want to hire strong and confident people."