Headshots of Engaged Individuals

I create spectacular headshots of enthusiastic, engaged and assertive individuals through collaboration and involving my client in the process of creation by coaching them through the process.

The results are always spectacular because my clients are actively engaged in the process of creation of their headshots. The women and men in my headshots stand out because I promote a sense of enthusiasm and assertiveness that is irresistible.

Natalie Miner,  Healing Point Acupuncture

The people I photograph stand out because in my 1000 square foot Palo Alto photo studio I coach my subjects throughout the shoot to ensure they look their best.

Not only do we work together to select the best outfits for them. I offer direction on posture, pose and stance that helps show my clients at their best. Then I elicit authentic expressions that communicate an appropriate message and reinforce their personal or professional brand.

We consult on the headshots we create several times through the shoot, selecting images we like ,discussing expression and presentation. By the time we’re a quarter if the way into the shoot my clients know not only what they need to do to look great, but why and how to make the result even better.

After 32 years of being a commercial photographer I’m finding new avenues of creative expression in doing professional headshots in Palo Alto.