Differentiation - Production Value

Aside from aesthetics, the greatest differentiator between myself and the other Palo Alto Headshot photographers is my background as an award winning commercial architecture and interior photographer.

Heidi Mortensen, Interior Designer, San Francisco

Heidi Mortensen, Interior Designer, San Francisco

I bring a 32 year track record as a commercial photographer. My production value is remarkably high because I make the extra effort required to excel at everything I do. This is why I have an in-house makeup artist, 1000 square foot studio, private dressing room and work in a commercial space at 716 San Antonio Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303.

I’m accustomed to working with small business owners, start ups, and corporations that need nothing less than my best effort on every single photograph I create. And I'm proud to know I come through for them each time by doing my best work to date every time I step behind the camera. This includes coaching my customer, lighting, posing, tech, and customer service.

You can see my interiors website here: https://www.djbphoto.com/