One picture is worth a thousand words

When I was originally taught to do portraits back in the 1980’s we always included the entire head plus extra room to ensure the images would fit in a frame without cropping into the head of our subject.

I’ve come to realize the very tight cropping is best for a professional headshot, for men or women in the digital era because we have only an instant to make a great first impression. So, we need to focus on what’s most important: the eyes, the expression and presence of the individual.

By cropping in tight we put the emphasis on the person: their eyes, , expression, personality and presence not their hair.

I still shoot to include my peoples entire head, but crop in to the face of the people to create images that have a lot of punch. You can see the difference below: one image is a nice shot of a pretty woman, the other is a powerful image that has enourmous impact, demands attention and will be remembered.

190509_DaniaKhan_StudentHeadshots3197 2.jpg
190509_DaniaKhan_StudentHeadshots3197 1.jpg