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Business Headshot Tips

The Executive Headshot Success Guide will give you the knowledge you need to go beyond Googling "business headshots near me" and give you the tool you need to ask good questions and make well-informed decisions about your professional headshots.

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Front cover of the 2022 Executive Headshot Success Guide
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Chapter 8 Excerpt

Chapter 8: Selecting Your Headshots Setting the stage for your next career move


Your professional headshots aren’t simply a photo showing your smiling face. Headshots are tools that communicate your desired memorable character traits to decision-makers you need to influence when you can’t meet them face-to-face.

As an executive, some circumstances require you to present yourself as an authority figure or visionary leader. Other times, you’ll want to project decisiveness. And then there are times when you’ll showcase your charm and good nature.

For the evaluation part of your headshot journey, you’ll want to lean on your photographer because they’ve crafted the content of your message using their expertise in body language and nonverbal communication. Your photographer will objectively assess the messages your photographs send without being distracted by minutiae or influenced by their own experience of who you are and what makes you tick.

Let me introduce you to two concepts to keep top-of-mind that will help you assemble your executive headshot library and make it easy to communicate complex ideas to your photographer in a language they’ll understand. There’s an exception to every rule, but these two concepts provide a foundation upon which you can build a collection of headshots that portray the different aspects of your personality.

Low-key Photographs

Nothing says seriousness and formality, quite like dramatic lighting and a dark background. When combined with a thoughtful expression or powerful gaze, low-key photographs communicate decisiveness, strength of character, and authority.

High-key Photographs

High-key photographs are bright and airy. A cheerful smile combined with glamour lighting and a bright or colorful background communicates your wit, charm, and mastery of social skills.

When selecting your headshots, it’s essential that you like your photos and look good in them. However, you also want to consider the messages your headshots send. You’re not just picking pictures to show to people. You’re assembling a library of visual communications you’ll be using to advance your best interests and those of the people who depend on you.

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