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Professional Headshots Palo Alto
716 San Antonio Rd., Ste.E
Palo Alto, CA 94303

About Professional Headshots Palo Alto

Photographer/Owner: Dean Birinyi

Upon my honorable discharged from the US Navy in 1981 I went into business as a cabinet maker with my father. After a near miss with a table saw in 1986 I decided to find a career that didn’t involve power tools. I got into photography in 1987 when I was hired as a child and family portrait photographer in K-mart department stores. I loved the work, but had higher aspirations and went into commercial photography.

As a commercial photographer for 32 years I’ve won over 150 awards for my work. I am accustomed to working as one member of a continuously evolving team of ambitious, talented and results oriented individuals who have high standards for both themselves, and the people around them.

I’ve come to headshot photography seeking new challenges and new opportunities for the second half of my career. I am drawn to the field of professional portrait photography because it demands high levels of professionalism and performance and exercises my people and technical skills, while providing the opportunity for creative expression in every photograph I create.

Most of my clients need headshots for a specific purpose - their website bio, or LinkedIn profile, and their headshot is crucial to the success of their marketing or career advancement. This is why at Professional Headshots Palo Alto we always talk about how they will use their headshots, where they are and where they want to be. When you come into the studio we’ll talk about the work you do and what you want to do to make sure we get the best photo for your unique needs. We’ll combine our talents and experience to choose the right clothing, backdrop color and poses that will show you at your best.

I think I’m a comedian, and am on a life long search to find people who agree.

I think I’m a comedian, and am on a life long search to find people who agree.