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Business Portraits for East Palo Alto Professionals


Why You Need a Good Headshot

According to a 2018 research paper published in the Association of Psychological Science, Irmak Okten writes that people first impressions about other people's character, such as trustworthiness and competence based on how they look. It’s the human thing to do.


According to a 2016 research on first impressions, two Princeton researchers found that people make lasting judgments about other people within the first 1/10 second of meeting/seeing them.

This proves in our online-driven world, especially here in Silicon Valley, your headshot is either helping you or hurting you.


People love a winner.

You can’t control how others judge you, but you can influence the decision-makers who are important to your success with a great professional headshot that makes you look like a winner.


In my photoshoots, I coach people to bring out their best version. I aim to show you as a confident and approachable professional everyone wants on their team.

The first time people will see you in today's digital age is on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a personal website, or in a press release. Using a great executive headshot allows you to define and direct the judgments people make about you in that crucial 1/10 second.

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Not sure where to get professional headshots, or what questions to ask a professional photographer? 

The Headshot Success Guide will teach you all you need to know to ask good questions to help you make well-informed decisions about your headshots and your professional headshot photographer.

Viewable Online or PDF Download.

Table of Contents:

Handshots & Handshakes

Every picture tells a story

Why Hire a Pro

Controlling perceptions

Selecting Your Photographer

The wrong photographer will not give you the right headshots

Dressing for Success

Combining style with professionalism

7 Essential Headshot Tips for Men

9 Key Headshot Tips For Women

Don’t Sit For It

Projecting strength and confidence in your headshots

Selecting Your Headshot

Setting the stage for your next career move

Projecting Your Executive Presence

Promoting engagement with your headshots

Executive Headshot Success Guide

Open Saturday for your convenience  •. Hours: Tues - Sat 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunnyvale  •  Mountain View  •  Los Altos   •   East Palo Alto  •  Palo Alto  •  Stanford  •  Menlo Park 

I offer only excellence.

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