What is your process?

I motivate my subjects by engaging them in the process and giving them the “tools” they need to actively collaborate in the creation of their personal branding and professional image.

I coach my subjects on how to be photographed, giving them direction on expression, posture, pose and stance to help them show their best selves in their professional headshots.

The result is between fifteen to thirty spectacular headshots from which they can choose one, five or, all.

Do you have a studio, or work out of your garage?

I have a wonderful 1000 square foot, climate controlled professional photo studio on San Antonio Rd, just two minutes off Hwy. 101. 

It’s a converted warehouse with a private dressing room, glamour mirror makeup station, comfortable lounge and free WiFi.

When I built my studio I incorporated all the features of the best photo studios I’ve ever seen. I actually quite proud of it.

You can see photos of the space by following this link.