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You're going to look good.

Professional Headshots in Menlo Park

Every picture tells a story.

Headshots are powerful tools that communicate your desired memorable character traits to the decision-makers you need to influence when you can’t meet them face-to-face.

Your headshots should project your executive presence and promote a sense of engagement with everyone who sees them, either online or in press releases.

In today’s online world, where you may never meet your customers, collaborators, and contractors in person, your headshots have replaced the power of yesterday’s handshake.

I believe that no one should have to settle for bad headshots. You deserve to be treated well while being served by a team of talented professionals who are experts in their field.

I'm Dean I'll lead you through your headshot session from start to finish, coaching you on projecting your executive presence through the camera.


Your headshots will leave everyone who sees them with high expectations and a great impression of you as a person. 

  • Sarah, my in-house hair and makeup artist, is a licensed cosmetologist.  

  • Serhii is my gifted digital artist.

Our combined talents guarantee you'll get magazine-cover quality headshots to create the first impression you want and help you take the next step in your career.

Dean Birinyi Photographer retouched headshot

Dean Birinyi, Headshot Photographer

Dean describes his approach to selecting headshot backgrounds,

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