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Let a Specialist Handle Your Men's and Women's Headshots in Menlo Park

When you look at a site that shows the headshots of a company's executives and managers, it's instantly apparent that it takes skill to produce a professional-looking headshot. Unlike with selfies, the subject of a headshot must not make any silly poses or have anything distracting in the background. The lighting must also be correct. Finally, if the picture is to appear with several others, it should match their theme so it fits in. Simply put, the focus must actually be on the person's face, not on how she's trying to look "fun" or what's going on behind her.

The best way to ensure that your business photos meet this standard is to get a professional photographer to take the picture. There is one who specializes in providing men's headshots in Menlo Park as well as women's headshots in San Jose. Professional Headshots Palo Alto, featuring Dean Birinyi, covers these and the surrounding areas with ease.

One of the differences you will find with Dean Birinyi is that he specializes in headshots, rather than doing a wide variety of photographic styles. This has allowed him to perfect his technique for bringing out the best in people while maintaining a suitably corporate tone. You'll never have to worry about your executives having blank stares, or being lined up against a plain wall for pictures as if for mugshots. Instead, everyone's personality shines through against the subdued background so potential customers can get the right impression.

To arrange for men's headshots in Menlo Park, women's business headshots in San Jose, or vice versa, just call Dean Birinyi Photography today.

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