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Tips for what to wear in female business headshots

In the world of work and job hunting, a professional headshot can mean so much. Headshots help to illustrate your professionalism, personality, and even your brand if you are building one. A well-done professional headshot not only shows you care — it helps you stand out from the crowd in what is often a competitive and crowded job market.

When getting your professional headshots made, one of the key considerations you will need to think about is what to wear. Typically, your photographer will ask you to bring a selection of outfits, and together you will select the options that will work best. But, if you're stuck on what to pack as photographic potential, here are some tips to keep in mind while preparing.

Pick the right top. When taking a headshot, one of the most important pieces of wardrobe you will need to consider is what shirt you plan to wear. Turtlenecks can cut you off and make you appear closed (like the effect you get when you fold your arms) or be used to enhance the length of your neck when paired with the right accessories. I suggest necklines that mirror your jawline.

Sharon Richmond, CEO, Leading Large
A cowl neck sweater can be draped to complement almost any woman's jawline.

Keep color in mind. Color is a great opportunity to show off a little about yourself and your personality. Think about choosing a color that you love and that accentuates your skin tone and eye color. Keep in mind that the goal is to feature your authentic self, so if you are a person who wears black every day, represent that in your professional headshot and wear black. If you like bold or bright colors, on the other hand, don't dampen that preference by wearing muted or neutral tones in your shoot. If you are unsure what is the best color to select, bring several options and let your photographer help you select. Include some of your favorites, but back some neutral options as well. You may find that having headshots with options may be the best route for your career.

Avoid strong patterns. You'll want to say no to any plaid or checks, or anything that has high-contrast colors right next to one another. That's because patterns will typically draw too much attention and be distracting. When thinking about patterns, you should also keep in mind that anything too shiny will not photograph well.

Watch your accessories. Accessories can add personality to your photos, Too many accessories, however, can be a distraction in headshots. Do avoid any accessories that are too large, including hats and scarves. If you are a regular wearer of glasses, try taking some photos with the glasses and without. The goal is to represent yourself accurately.

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