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  • Dean Birinyi

A Customer Service Mindset.

A "Customer Service Mindset." is an outlook that focuses on creating customer value, loyalty, and trust.

A quote image showing the headshot of a handsome young man with text overlay that reads"Our customer service mindset builds value into every headshot."

Anyone who's worked with Hubspot knows they're an excellent example of a company that embraces a service mindset. They define it like this:

It's solving for as many customers' needs as possible, regardless of the review they give you. Doing so creates memorable moments like these that lead to loyal, long-term customers.

Maintaining a service mindset has served my clients and me well throughout my career. It's allowed me to run my business successfully for 39 years.

Today this customer-centric approach is helping me to excel at everything I do as a headshot photographer. It’s why I work in a professional studio in a commercial part of Palo alto, why I study nonverbal communication and art history, and why I am proud to say my mentor is Peter Hurley, the best headshot photographer in the world.

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