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  • Dean Birinyi

A low point of view ennobles my subject.

I like to photograph people from below their eye level because it places them in an authoritative position from the viewer's point of view.

The low camera angle fosters feelings of confidence and admiration on the viewer's part. When combined with the open and engaged body language I coach my customers to display we communicate both confidence and approachability.

A quote image showing a handsome man with overlay text that reads "In headshots, a lower camera angle is ennobling."

As a headshot photographer, it is my job to make my customers look good in their photographs. I use my knowledge of psychology and expertise with nonverbal communication to enhance their appearance in ways that you can only do effectively in a still image, such as a headshot or a painting.

The slightly low point of view is a technique artists have used for centuries, as seen in this detail from "The Emperor Napoleon in his study at the Tuileries" by Jaques-Louis David.

You can see the artist has chosen a viewpoint at the level of his subject's chin. The artist's intent is to ennoble his subject, engendering admiration while maintaining a sense of relatability.

A slightly low camera angle is only one of many things I do to help my customers look good in their headshots. The subtlety of the technique results in powerful headshots that engage the viewer's imagination by connecting with them on an emotional level.


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