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  • Dean Birinyi

Apply the lessons of the Classic Master painters to executive headshots.

We respect and admire individualism here in the United States. Individualism is a core concept of our culture to keep in mind if you’re doing business here or want to advance in your career.

We admire and respect people who stand out from the crowd because of their courage and vision, their willingness to be noticed and to take action to cause the world to conform to their unique idea of perfection.

A headshot of a man with a bald head wearing a suit and tie i his headshot by Dean Birinyi, professional headshot photographer in Palo Alto

I create executive headshots in Sunnyvale that have a dramatic impact because they build a deep connection with people from this culture. I want to enhance people's perception of my customer's presence, power, and authority. All of which people in the United States admire and aspire to attain.

I focus the viewer's attention on my subject by applying the theories and techniques of Baroque period painters such as Caravaggio to lend drama to my customer's headshots. I use a closely-cropped composition to enhance my customer's physical and emotional immediacy in their headshots to engage the viewer.


Baroque period, executive headshots, Sunnyvale, drama, culture, individualism, immediacy, engage the viewer,

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