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Differentiation - Engagement and Involvement

I guide my customers in expressing themselves as confident and approachable heroes of their own stories.

It’s a lot of fun to see people's uncertainty and self-consciousness about being photographed melt away as I coach them on how to address the camera and position themselves to bring out their best features.

The headshots we create are always spectacular because my customers are actively engaged collaborators in their headshots, not simply following instructions as a passive subject.

People always come off as confident and approachable men and women in an irresistible way because I work with them to craft their best image. Their engagement and involvement in the process of creating their headshots ensure their photos show them at the top of their game on their best day.

Remember: It’s not your job to look good in your headshots. It’s my job to make you look good.

Dean Birinyi-

About the author.

Dean Birinyi is an award winning photographer, founder and owner of Professional Headshots Palo Alto. He specializes in expression coaching to guide his customers on presenting themselves as confident, approachable professionals ready for the next opportunity.

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