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Four Times When Professional Pictures Can Do You Justice

You may dislike taking pictures, but you need them in certain situations. Professional headshots help other people see additional dimensions of you, and they can boost your success in these four situations:

Acting and Modeling Careers

There's no way to get around this; acting and modeling resumes require pictures. A producer wants to see your face to determine whether it fits the role. Casting isn't a matter of whether you're attractive or not. It's a process that matches faces with the screenwriter's vision.

The same concept rings true for modeling. Agencies need their models to have certain attributes to promote their products and services. They also have to select their candidates by particular deadlines, and they might not have time to meet with people who send ambiguous inquiries. You can increase your chances of being chosen if you invest in taking professional photos. Why not let a talented photographer capture the best of you and liven up your portfolio?

Author Biographies

Headshots are helpful in author biographies as well. Many people like to put a face to the text they read. You might be nervous about biases and prejudgements, but not all of your readers will think through such narrow lenses. The opposite might even happen if you attach a photo. Your credibility might improve, and you might gain more trust and respect because you didn't remain anonymous. Videos are excellent tools to use when introducing yourself to your audience as well, because they offer additional depth to your personality.

Career Profiles

Consider using a headshot for your career profile, and don't forget to smile when you do. Your sunny disposition might attract employers who seek customer service representatives and support people. Your welcoming photo will also let them know that you're an upbeat person who views life optimistically. That's not to say that your resume won't speak for itself. It will, but a resume with a photo attached to it will speak volumes. Thus, the dollars you spend on pictures will prove themselves advantageous in the end.

Professional Dating Sites

An elegant photo can even help you in the dating world if you're a fan of using online resources. Professional dating sites link hardworking people to other individuals in their field who need to find love. Again, it establishes credibility and lets your visitors know you're a real person and not a "catfish." It also lets your suitors know that you're about your business first and playtime later.

All dating profiles perform more effectively when they have pictures attached to them, and photos eliminate an extra step that saves time. If you're going to spend money on joining a professional dating site, you might as well invest a few more dollars and add substance to your profile.

Professional headshots can give you an edge in an array of other situations too. You can find photo services at a reasonable price if you know where to look. Think about adding some personality to your newest profile by scheduling a consultation soon.

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