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  • Dean Birinyi

Headshots as strategic communications.

Professional headshots are tools we use to communicate character traits that we want to be remembered by the decision-makers we need to influence when we can’t meet them face-to-face.

As an executive, whether you’re in Mountain View, Los Altos, or San Jose, there will be times when you’ll want to be seen as an authority figure or visionary leader. At other times you’ll want to communicate your relationship-building abilities.

Generally, if you want to present yourself as an authority figure, you’ll want to dress formally and use a dark background in conjunction with dramatic lighting. When combined with a thoughtful expression or powerful gaze, these photographs communicate decisiveness, strength of character, and authority.

Conversely, you’ll want to use photographs that are brighter if people skills are the focus of your presentation or the subject of your talk. A cheerful smile combined with frontal lighting and bright background will communicate your wit, charm, and mastery of social skills.

Remember, your headshots aren’t intended to help people recognize you on the street. They've visual communications you’ll be using to strategically advance your best interests and those of the people who depend on you.

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