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I began my career as a baby photographer in K-mart

I've been a commercial photographer for 35 years, but I started doing baby pictures in K-mart. I've come a long way.

Back in 1986, I was in business with my father building fine wood and upholstered furniture. One day I almost cut off the four fingers of my right hand on the table saw. I decided I wanted a career that didn't involve power tools.

I literally stumbled into the job as a baby photographer in K-mart department stores. It was a surprise to me because I had never picked up a camera before in my life. They gave us two weeks of training, at least three hours were on how to take pictures. This says a lot about the photos you get from a department store.

I loved the work but hated the job. So after a few months, I was ready to move on, but I had decided to dedicate my professional life to photography. I spent the next 33 years photographing interior design and architecture for p[publication and design competition. It was great fun, but after so long, I was ready for a change.

Once again, I pretty much stumbled into the fantastic opportunity of headshot photography. I love it because it's such an intimate depiction of my people's personalities and professional presence.

Selfie of Dean Birinyi Executive headshot Photographer and Owner of Professional Headshots Palo Alto and Silicon Valley Headshots
Dean Birinyi, executive headshot photographer, owner of Professional Headshots Palo Alto

I'm looking forward to spending the next 35 years photographing people in my Palo Alto Studio.

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