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My Studio

Everything about my studio is designed to give my clients the dignified and professional experience they deserve while making it easy to get great headshots.

Dean Birinyi Executive Headshot Photographer in his studio with F.J. Westcott Flex Cine 1'x2' Daylight mats Hurley Pro systemLED lights
Dean Birinyi Executive Headshot Photographer in his studio.

My clients are busy executives who have enormous demands on their time and their attention. My studio is conveniently located just off Hwy. 101 and San Antonio Rd. making it easy for my clients to come in, get great headshots, and be on their way to their next appointment, back to the office, or to head home without the frustration of navigating endless side streets.

Most people are surprised to discover I share space with a high-end window blind and drapery showroom. I consider it my foyer. I like the retail vibe because it’s quiet, clean, and dignified.

A surprising benefit of first coming into a luxury retail showroom is that it helps my clients transition from the hurly-burly of their day. Their mood is lifted as they’re greeted with the professionalism, dignity, and respect that is a hallmark of good customer service.

I like to escort my clients from their cars to help with their clothes. This, more than anything, tells them they are the star of the show, and I’m here to help them in a manner that speaks to their heart.

After passing through the showroom, I love introducing people to my studio by opening the door with a flourish and welcoming them to “My World.”

Dean Birinyi, award winning executive headshot photographer in the doorway to his Palo Alto commercial photo studio
Dean Birinyi Executive Headshot Photographer posing at the door to his studio.

The atmosphere of my studio is wonderful. It’s a very private 400 square foot space separated from the main showroom on the quiet side of the building. The space is small enough to promote a sense of casual intimacy but large enough, so no one feels crowded.

Makeup mirror at Professional headshots Palo Alto Executive Headshot studio
The studio is well equipped with a changing room and a professional makeup station.

The 12-foot black ceiling gives people the impression of being in a much larger space. The white walls and cheerful lighting creates a sense of open airiness. The state-of-the-art lighting equipment, computers, and cameras speak of professionalism and productivity. The glamor mirror at the makeup station always makes a big impression. The changing booth is a welcome convenience that tells people we’ve thought of everything. I keep some quirky “objet d’art” on display to set everyone's expectations for both creative thinkings and for having fun.

Dean Birinyi, executive headshot photographer setting up his lights and background on location.
Dean Birinyi, an executive headshot photographer, setting up his lights and background on location.

Climate control is a breeze. We can quickly warm or cool the space to ensure you’re as comfortable in whatever outfit you wear. The last thing we need is for your forehead to be beaded with sweat or for you to be subduing a shiver when you’re trying to look like a ruler of the world.

My studio is the perfect size and layout for executive headshots. It’s large enough to do small groups, and everything we need is within “arms reach.” This helps us maintain the energy and excitement of the shoot as we quickly make changes to wardrobe, makeup, lighting, and backgrounds without breaking stride.

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