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What to Wear in Business Headshots

Headshots enhance your resume, portfolio, website, and even social media presence. Most image experts suggest updating your professional headshot every one to two years. If your look changed dramatically or your career goals change, you may want to update your headshot more frequently.

You want your photo to reflect your personality and how you look right now, not five years ago(even if you love that old photo of a time gone by). You also want to style your headshot for the type of image you want to portray to the world. Remember this may be the first impression that a future customer, employer, or client has. This is why you want it to make that photo work for you in a positive, confident, and professional way. Then, when you meet them in person, it is a true reflection of the current you. Professional photos are important for any career or industry especially when you are seeking a new job, looking for a promotion, or creating a personal brand.

The next question is what should you wear for a professional headshot.

Different industries define appropriate dress codes differently. For example, doctors and CEOs are expected to dress more formally than an artist or freelance writer. However, think about the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs. He wore black t-shirts and jeans most of the time, but he understood his industry. On the other hand, the president of a bank is expected to wear a conservative suit and tie.

If you need clothing inspiration for your headshot, research others who are similar to you or are in a position that inspires you. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing that look, stick with a classic white collared blouse for a woman and a basic white dress shirt for men. If white isn’t your cup of tea, another basic solid color like blue or gray is another option.

Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood, and even influence how we react to someone. It’s scientifically proven that red sends a message of confidence and power, while on the other hand, blue sends a message of reliability. Green shows you are intelligent and yellow says you are happy and have a good sense of humor. Pink conveys immaturity, so that said, don’t wear pink for a professional headshot.

It is suggested that patterns or accessories like jewelry are distracting and should be avoided. However, always remember to consider your industry. If you are a jewelry or fashion designer, it will be more appropriate to wear your designs in a headshot.

Your updated headshot is a combination of many things, including the right photographer. We will work with you to find the perfect outfit, backdrop, and lighting to make your photograph reflect exactly who you are! Contact us today and book a session.

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