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  • Dean Birinyi

Two Reasons Why You Need a Good Women's Headshot

Everyone wants to look good. It makes us feel good about ourselves and helps open doors when others see that we’ve got our act together.

This article from Forbes titled “The Importance of a Good Corporate Headshot” goes into detail about the advantages you can expect from having a great headshot.

What I feel are the two reasons to have a great headshot the author pointed out are:

  1. “When you truly care, clients notice.”

  2. “Boost your first impression.”

People respect you for making an effort.

People are impressed when you put in the work to make a good presentation, whether that’s a presentation of your product, service, or yourself. People appreciate it when you show that you respect them enough to make that kind of effort.

Cementing an excellent first impression.

Indian woman's professional headshot be Den Birinyi, professional headshot photographer is Palo Alto

I’ve said many times that in today’s online driven world, your professional headshot is going to make your first impression for you.

The article made me realize that if you’re doing face-to-face networking, you have the opportunity to make a great first impression yourself. However, when they check you out online the next day, a great headshot will reinforce the good first impression you’ve already made. This is another way a great headshot will help you open doors to new opportunities.


If you look like a successful professional, the decision-makers you need to influence: your investors, your customers, and your collaborators are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting.

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