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Who Needs a Professional Headshot?

Just about everyone can use a professional headshot in some capacity, whether to improve their business or personal life. With so much of our lives happening online and via social media, a high-quality photograph of you can be useful for you to have in multiple ways. You can use this professional headshot for everything from your professional profile to help you land a better job to improving the impression you make on dating apps or social networks.

Where Can You Use a Professional Headshot?

You may not realize it, but many of the “regular” photos posted online by CEOs, celebrities, influencers, and even normal people are taken by a professional photographer. No matter how beautiful or handsome a person is, capturing their best physical qualities is challenging without the right experience and equipment. A professional headshot uses the right lighting, hair, makeup, and camera technology to make the photo the best representation of you it can be.

In today’s world, making a good first impression on potential customers is key if you want to have a successful business. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, realtor, salesperson, dentist, or another kind of professional service provider, the need to have a professional headshot is evident. With a well-lit, professionally taken photo, you put your best foot forward anytime someone looks you up online.

What to Expect When You Have a Professional Headshot Done

If you are nervous about having a professional headshot done by a real photographer, this is understandable. Regular people are not models and may not be sure how to style hair and makeup or smile in front of the camera. This is why it's important to choose a photographer that specializes in not only taking the photo but guiding you through the process and making you comfortable


At Dean Birinyi Photography, we have a process we use to help you feel comfortable having your professional headshot taken. It starts with a phone consultation where you can express what you want and any concerns you might have with the process of getting a professional headshot. Once you come into the studio to get the headshot done, you’ll have your hair and makeup done by a professional and then be guided through the process of getting the photo taken. In the end, you get magazine-quality professional headshots that you can use anywhere you like.

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