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  • Dean Birinyi

Why a A Great Headshot Will Help Advance Your Career.

There's a big difference between the company headshot that took 10 minutes to shoot in the conference room and the executive headshots we work on for an hour or more in the studio.

As a headshot photographer, I create headshots for business executives and leaders in my studio and do company headshots on location.

The average company headshot is pretty basic: simple lighting and a (hopefully) not-cheesy smile, 5 or 6 exposures to get a shot that looks OK. That's generally the standard for company headshots, just OK. There's only so much you can expect when your photographer is photographing 30 or more people in a day.

Company headshots are fine if you're a rank-and-file employee. At first glance, a headshot like that tells everyone you're just an employee who will faithfully perform your duties.

However, if you have higher aspirations, want to go into leadership, and be a decision-maker, you need to stand out. You need to show you're ready for your opportunity to take your place at the table.

Great headshots will help you stand out.

Your headshots define others' perceptions of you. A carefully crafted professional headshot gives you control of those perceptions and helps you manage their expectations.

As a headshot photographer, I photograph business executives, directors, managers, and supervisors from San Jose to Menlo Park in my studio. My customers are strong, confident, and approachable people who have great faith in themselves. They've worked hard to earn their positions as leaders and want to continue advancing in their careers.

They invest the time - and the money - to be photographed well because they want to look good in their headshots and want photographs that show them as a leader.

No matter how good they may be, employee headshots aren't going to give the decision-makers you need to influence the impression you're ready to take your place at their table.

When I'm photographing an executive in my studio, I use lighting customized to make them look their best. We have a hair and makeup artist to help the female executives meet the culture's higher expectations for women. We'll work for about an hour doing a series of photographs in different outfits. We do 100 +/- photos and then work together to select the best of the best. I work to create 12 photos that make you look absolutely fantastic and will help you advance your career by sending people the right message.

Having a headshot like this will show the decision-makers in your life that you've got your act together and that you're ready to take your place at their table.

Quote image showing a confident woman's headshot with embedded caption "Your headshots define others' perceptions of you. Leaders take control of those perceptions."

See more professional headshots of strong confident men and women who are leaders in their fields at my website: Professional Headshots Palo Alto

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