My price for a professional headshot session is $400.


Each photo you choose costs $150, which includes professional retouching.

  • Expression coaching 

  • Unlimited wardrobe changes 

  • In-person image review

You're going to look good.

Professional Headshots Cost



There's no such thing as being photogenic.

I’ll coach you on expression, posture, and pose. And work with you to choose your clothes and keep your hair looking great. My coaching will empower you and give you the confidence that will show in every photo.

Too often, when someone is taking your headshot, the photographer doesn’t always care whether you look your best. The person behind the camera has to care as much as you do that you look good and help you bring out your most confident self.

It’s not your job to look good on camera. It’s your photographer's to make you look good.

  • Once you book your headshot session, I'll contact you via email to set up a time to speak with you on the phone or over zoom to discuss the types of photos you want. We'll also talk about what to wear for your headshots, and I'll offer tips to prepare for your photoshoot.

  • You can bring as many outfits with you as you'd like. We'll review your choices together, and I'll make suggestions based on color, fit, and messaging. We'll photograph you in as many outfits as you'd like.

  • I'll guide you at each step, train you to be photographed well, coach you on addressing the camera, and provide the direction you need to express yourself with authentic confidence. And we'll have fun doing it.

  • We review our work on my computer to ensure we're getting the expressions you want. I like reviewing the images with you because you'll address the camera with great confidence once you see how good you look.

  • At the end of the session, we'll review your images in person on my color-calibrated 27″ monitor and select which photos you would like to purchase. 

  • If you do not have time to review the images that day in person, I can place the photos in an online proofing gallery for you for an additional $100, allowing you to pick out your favorites at your leisure.

Are you wondering where to get professional headshots, or how much for professional headshots?
Don't know what questions to ask a professional photographer? 

The Headshot Success Guide will teach you all you need to know to ask good questions and help you make well-informed decisions about your headshots and your professional headshot photographer.

Viewable Online or PDF Download.

Table of Contents:

Handshots & Handshakes

Every picture tells a story

Why Hire a Pro

Controlling perceptions

Selecting Your Photographer

The wrong photographer will not give you the right headshots

Dressing for Success

Combining style with professionalism

7 Essential Headshot Tips for Men

9 Key Headshot Tips For Women

Don’t Sit For It

Projecting strength and confidence in your headshots

Selecting Your Headshot

Setting the stage for your next career move

Projecting Your Executive Presence

Promoting engagement with your headshots

Executive Headshot Success Guide

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