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Today many of our first interactions with the decision-makers we need to influence are online, which means that your headshots play a significant role in creating others' first impressions of you.


Studies show that people form durable first impressions about us in less than one second the first time they see us, whether in person or in a photograph.

Scanning through LinkedIn, you'll see a host of bad photos people use in place of a headshot. You'll see a lot of bathroom selfies or snapshots with people cropped out of the frame. Sometimes the person is so tiny you can't even see them.

Headshots like those don't communicate the strength of character, drive, and commitment needed to advance your career. Instead, they display carelessness, lack of professionalism, and low self-esteem.


Those photos aren't helping you get the offer, promotion, or raise that you deserve. They're probably working against you.

You shouldn't have to settle for bad headshots.

I'm Dean and I lead a team of talented and experienced specialists dedicated to helping you look good: Sarah, a licensed cosmetologist, is our in-house hair and makeup artist, Serhii is our gifted digital artist.

We're here to help you get great headshots that will create the first impression you want and need to make a difference in your career. I will lead you through the process from start to finish with patience, compassion and good humor.

Dean Birinyi Headshot Photographer Founder and Owner of Professional Headshots Palo Alto

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The relaxed atmosphere of my studio will help you unwind while I coach you through your headshot session. My team and I treat our customers with compassion while giving you the best headshots you’ve ever had, along with the dignified experience you deserve.

Dean share three simple tips to help anyone get better professional headshots.

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Check out the Executive Headshot Success Guide and learn everything you need to know to make good decisions about your headshots.

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